Terms and Conditions

Thank you for purchasing a membership with Fit 3:16 Fitness Classes!

If you haven’t filled out a Fitness Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ), please fill this out before your first class. This can be found on our website
www.fit316.co.uk on the drop down menu under tools.

By completing a PAR-Questionnaire you confirm to us that you have no known condition or are undergoing any treatment that would prevent you from being capable of physical exercise in all material aspects.

Please read the information below regarding your membership.

Your membership entitles you to book classes from the 1st of the month for the entire calendar month.

From the 1st of the month you are able to book all of your classes for the whole calendar month or you can book them throughout the month- it’s up to you.

Due to restricted numbers on fitness classes we require 24hr’s notice if you wish to cancel or change a class before the classes advised start time.

Sessions cancelled with over 24 hours notice can be used elsewhere within the month. Please contact one of our instructors to do this.

If a class is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice the class will count as one of your sessions.

Sessions cannot be carried over to the following month.


Data Collection

In the course of your membership Fit 316 may collect certain personal information from you including personal details and details about your health. We will use this information for purposes including managing your membership and contacting you.

We will limit the access to the processing of personal information to the relevant instructors and management who may require its use for marketing or other services.

We reserve the right to take photos of our classes (which may include you, unless you wish to opt out which you can do at times when photos are being taken) for press and other promotional uses.

Your membership applies to you personally. You may not transfer, assign or lend it to another person.

We reserve the right to implement a waiting list if we feel it necessary to do so.